Real innovation experiences

6 years ago we identified a lack of creative and innovative culture in the Basque region and then we promoted Innovalab as a center of excellence to create new methods and tools to support a cultural change in our society.

2 years later, due to our work with different collectives (social and corporative) we saw that it was a big gap between the results of the research and development processes financed by public entities and the real returns in terms of new businesses, then we decided to promote DenokInn as an association to transform knowledge into businesses, filling the gap between inventions and market.

In the same way we have promoted Eutokia as an space for connectivity between social needs and market opportunities, a place where social and business come together to generate a new economy in the Bilbao area.

Finally all the businesses we ere directly involved and the proper innovation activity needed an specific environment to be conceptualized and settled up, two years ago the Social Innovation Park of Bilbao started with more than 200.000 m2 to become the new European reference on social innovation. Where we have a creativity lab, a FabLab together with MIT, an Hangar to develop user centred experiences on social design and spaces to place the promoted and attracted companies.